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Hi my name is David Roe. I wanted to share with you how I became involved in Simply Naturals and one of their great products.

I have been in the building trade for over thirty years and at 52 found I was getting tired and basically running out of energy in the afternoon.

I was also suffering with aches and pains both in my back and knees. I spoke to my chiropractor who has treated me for several years when I had back problems. He is also a Dr in natural health.

He suggested I try the 'Sizzling Minerals' for 3 months and went on to explain he had several of his patients experiencing great results!

The product wasn't expensive from only 80 pence a day so I decided to try the minerals for 3 months.

Within a month I noticed I wasn't getting tired anymore, my energy levels had increased dramatically and my aches and pains were virtually non existent.

I called DR Rex who explained that 'Sizzling Minerals' have the potential to make a difference in health to anybody and everybody that takes them.

So what are 'Sizzling Minerals'. They are a plant derived mineral supplement containing 75 minerals. We are all aware of the importance of Vitamins but without a Plant derived mineral they have very little effect on our body.

Sixty years ago we got our minerals from fruit and vegetables but in recent years due to aggressive farming methods and pesticides used, minerals are now depleted from our soil so we need to supplement.

Plant derived minerals start with the formation of rock which, over time eventually erodes and are broken down into mineral salts.These mineral salts are taken up by plants. This is the type of mineral used to make 'Sizzling Minerals' wafer tablets.

Most of the better mineral formulations available today contain no more than 10 to 15 minerals because they are metallic minerals derived from the earth.

If you would like some more information and a free sample, simply leave your details in the box below.

Kind regards, David

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If you would like some more information and a free sample, simply leave your details in the box below.